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    Capsule 1.0 - piece 1.0 Divagation


    por ipp4films

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    Capsule1.0 Interactive movie. Wroclaw (Poland) 2008. Work in progress
    Piece 1.0 Divagation-

    Capsule 1.0 is an interactive project joining electronic media with the language of cinema. It was achieved during an artist video residence in Wroclaw, Poland.The purpose is how to enter in a new timeline and give keys to the audience to edit a movie in live. Interactivity between body, space and audience to find a different vision of the traditional cinema.Stories in a story like encapsuled time in an installation Divagation is one of the encapsuled stories.

    This video installation 'll be showed on the 13th International Media Art Biennalein May 2009, in Wroclaw, Poland. An event organised by Wro Art center.