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    Kayleigh Thompson's entry

    Becks Fusions

    by Becks Fusions

    Welcome to Beck’s Live Studio competition, where art and music come together in the ultimate expression of individuality.

    Take a look at the competition entries and show us how music inspires you. Your artwork could be chosen by our panel to feature at our amazing Fusions event and you’ll appear live here, creating a piece of art in real time. Which means your work could be seen by thousands.

    Can you create art during the time it takes for Does It Offend You, Yeah? to play out their song? We reckon you can. It can be anything - from crayons to watercolours, or clay to glitter. Whatever inspires you.

    How to enter.

    1. Turn up Does It Offend You, Yeah? (download from here -

    2. Press record on your video camera

    3. Create your art

    4. Upload your finished film here

    5. Cross your fingers

    Terms and conditions are here -

    Good luck!