Save Me Part 2


by akiko

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Yamapi's family was murdered by a local mafia. Yampi seeks to get revenge jin knowing this by over hearing one of yamapi's telephone conversations is worried and watches over him. He confronts yamapi after many occasions of the gang trying to kill yamapi. jin confronts yamapi on his decision saying that it would throw his life away...after their argument jin goes to try and talk to yamapi and sees a hunch men shoot yamapi in his apartment. Jin takes care of yamapi and once he is okay he leaves to get information on the mafia. He calls yamapi and says good bye knowing that he may not return and heads off to the hideout. Yamapi awakens to see he has a voice message and when he hears jins message he immediately leaves to go stop jin. Jin is confronted by the gang and as they gun him down he remembers yamapi. Yamapi collapses in the rain due to his wound still being fresh. Then Jin is shot and killed. Overcome with guilt and grief yamapi then goes to take his revenge by killing the mafia leader...

Note: ^__^ this is only part 2 of a 4 or 5 part series! Please watch, rate, subscribe, and comment!

Music :Ling by alan kuo
Clips: sore wa totsuzen arashi no you ni, kurosagi, yukan club, gokusen 2, nobuta wo produce, kurosagi the movie

This is just a FAN MADE vid ^__^

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#ha hoh Merci pour la video au passage ;)
By libby600 4 years ago

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