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    Smashtasm Episode 4


    by Gaaradeath606

    In the middle of all things, the 1337f0x and BlakBerri have finally met, both being powerful Smashers. Which one will win?! But getting back to the point, what ever happened to Killa7? What action will Super64 take next? Don't miss the ACTION, the DRAMA, and the SMASHTAVITY in what has been declared "the best ssbm machinima series so far" I welcome you to Smashtasm: Episode 4! To all my loyal fans, I am very sorry for the delay. I'll waste no time making excuses, but here is your episode. For this episode, with advice from the legendary SuperDoodleMan, I've used Develop mode. I'm thinking it works much better. I've also tried my best to make the sound a lot more hearable. I hope it works out. Also, a lot of people might not get the 'trophies' joke unless they've watched the "Special Movie" on SSBM... I claim no rights towards the characters or sounds in this video. Super Smash Brothers Melee (c) 2001 Nintendo/HAL Laboratory, Inc. Characters (c) Nintendo/Hal Laboratory, Inc./Creatures Inc./GAME FREAK inc./APE inc./INTELLIGENT SYSTEMS For more machinima goodness, visit A fan also requested that I put this link in here: