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    Smashtasm: Episode 1


    by Gaaradeath606

    Everyone's favorite game, Super Smash Brothers Melee, has been up and running for years, and the number of players has been steadily increasing. Now, a gamer by the username "Super64" has entered a tournament, but a little surprise is waiting for him. Join Super64 in his quest to reach his ultimate goal in the first installment of one of the only continuing Smash Brothers machinimas, "Smashtasm"! It'll be smashtastic. I claim no rights towards the characters or sounds in this video. Super Smash Brothers Melee (c) 2001 Nintendo/HAL Laboratory, Inc. Characters (c) Nintendo/Hal Laboratory, Inc./Creatures Inc./GAME FREAK inc./APE inc./INTELLIGENT SYSTEMS Para subtitulos en español Haz clic aquí: more machinima goodness, visit