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    1929 Max Fleischer Animation on Early Sound & Audio in Film

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    This film about sound recording for motion pictures features the talents of animator Max Fleischer who would later go on to make Betty Boop and Popeye. This film is a great example of his transition from the simple blacks and whites that characterized his earlier works, to his 1930’s animation which contained many shades of grey and more complex backgrounds. The narrator is a film strip who is trying to “find the voice” of his friend, a silent film. Their quest will reveal fascinating facts about the history of sound recording and sound editing, as well as answering the question, "how did sound get on film?" They are funny animations that make the information fun. The two film strips meet up with Dr. Western, who explains how sound was recorded back in 1920's talkies. There is footage of cameras being used in soundproof rooms and old folded horn style stage speakers. Eventually, the film strip finds his voice and the two sing “Merrily We Roll Along” together. This gem of a film is a wonderful opportunity to check out early cartoons made by one of the most famous animators of the twentieth century.