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    Driven to Kill: A 1950s Road Rage and Reckless Driving Film

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    Driven to Kill, narrated by Lowell Thomas, tells the story of Hal, an upstanding U.S. citizen who changes into a dangerous madman when he gets behind the wheel. With Thomas’ classic dry delivery as a backdrop, the film captures Hal as a real red-blooded American: he hunts and isn't afraid to let his kids play with knives in the kitchen! He’s a different man when he’s driving, though, and his road rage (or aggressive driving) causes him to get in an accident that kills the other driver. Throughout this educational video are beautiful shots of classic cars and vintage automobiles. The ruining of Hal's life in this scare tactics video serves as a stern message about the dangers of reckless driving. Bad drivers at their best, Driven to Kill is an amusing glance at the history of road rage in America, with some important lessons car safety features and safe driving.