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    1952 Santa Ana Hot Rod, Drag Racing & Muscle Car Club Movie

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    Road Runners is a 1952 film which promotes organized drag-racing as a way for troubled youths to blow off steam and use as a creative outlet instead of getting in trouble with the law. When Mel, a hot rod racer with dangerous driving habits, discovers the Santa Ana drag strip and its accompanying timing association, he is hooked on safe drag racing and becomes a model young man who gets trophies instead of traffic tickets. This film includes many good shots of vintage hotrods, classic cars, street rods, homemade seatbelts, and dangerous driving. While it's funny that the film paints drag racing as a safe alternative to aggressive driving and reckless driving, in this way the film also works as a time capsule for 1950's America. Old school hot rods make this a fun film for gearheads and anyone interested in the history of drag racing.