1948 Pedestrian Safety & Walking Accidents Scare Tactics

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In the 1940's educational video When You’re a Pedestrian, Joe Smith, the deceased narrator, encourages both pedestrian and driver safety. Taking the "scare them straight" approach, footage of bad car accidents from the streets of Oakland, California, and scenarios depicted in a scaled-down model city, graphically illustrates accidents and documents the carnage left behind. Though primarily about how pedestrians must be careful, the film also implicates drivers and their responsibility to drive safely. "Here is death. Raw and ugly death!" the narrator fiendishly intones. The remedies for these horrors are, as one would expect, safe driving habits, defensive driving, and pedestrian safety tips. These gruesome car accident stories are not entirely dated and without merit in and of themselves: road traffic accidents are a horrific killer every year. When You're a Pedestrian is good for a laugh and a reminder of the need for pedestrian and driver responsibility.