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    Turgay Suat Tarcan

    Turgay Suat Tarcan

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    THE WAY YOU MAKE ME FEEL: I make Michael Jackson parody videos since 1996. I mean, I have got a 12 year experience. However, one of my important missings was doing "The Way You Make Me Feel" video. At last, I did it on December 2005.
    SMOOTH CRIMINAL: Like all the other dance videos of mine, you won't be able to watch the original careography of "Smooth Criminal" in this video. I recorded most of the video in 1996. However, there was a missing (or mistake) part somewhere, and I completed the part in 2005 with "Smooth Criminal" costume. I bought the costume in 2003, because it looked like the original Smooth Criminal costume of Michael Jackson, but I didn't re-record the whole video; I recorded just the error part, because I think I was very pretty in 1996 version, even I was tired, because I made lots of videos that day before "Smooth Criminal". You will be able to hear my voice at the end of the video. My aim is not to dance like Michael Jackson. Of course, I wish that, but my aim is to have just fun. As I said before, no-one moves like Michael Jackson. Yes, there are many good dancers who dance like Michael Jackson, but MJ is the number one! I put my videos to YouTube, because most of YouTube users (especially MJ Fans) like my videos. I don't care anti-MJ Fans' comments. I dance at home, I record them with my cinecameras and I share them with people. I think it isn't wrong, because I see many people like it. I won't listen to a few people and I will continue to put my videos to YouTube, because I have some fans and supporters. Now, you can watch these videos on Dailymotion, too.