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    Turgay Suat Tarcan

    by Turgay Suat Tarcan

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    STREETWALKER: Michael Jackson and Quincy Jones didn't put "Streetwalker" to the original "Bad" album. However, when they put the song to the "Bad Special Edition" as an extra track, it became one of my favorite songs. That's why I made a video for this song.
    COME TOGETHER: In 1988, Michael Jackson singed Beatles cover "Come Together" in his "Moonwalker" movie. MJ Fans loved this cover, but had to wait until 1995 to have this song. However, in "HIStory" album, "Come Together" wasn't the full version. They cut the song with fading. In 1996, I made a video for this song by recording myself. I didn't dance with "Come Together"s "HIStory version", because it was shorter. I used this cover's "Moonwalker version"; I mean the full version... John Lennon and Paul MCCartney; thank you for composing this song. Michael, thank you for singing this song. This song is a huge classic.