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    THE N.W.A. BEEFS part 2 DR. DRE vs. EAZY-E


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    In late 1991 DR. DRE with the help of an uknown then bodyguard named SUGE KNIGHT left EAZY-E's record label RUTHLESS RECORDS and N.W.A, along with DR. DRE, THE D.O.C. and MICHEL'LE left also the label.
    In 1992 SUGE KNIGHT and DR. DRE formed DEATH ROW RECORDS introducing new hip hop stars to the world like SNOOP DOGGY DOGG, NATE DOGG, WARREN G, THA DOGGPOUND, RBX and THE LADY OF RAGE. DR. DRE's first solo work was the track ''DEEP COVER'' from the same titled soundtrack.
    In late 1992 DR. DRE released his first solo album 'THE CHRONIC', a hip hop masterpiece that brought westcoast hip hop to the top and introduced G-FUNK to the world.
    At the same time EAZY-E released the ep '5150 HOME 4 THA SICK' and he proved that he can be succesful without the help of DR. DRE and ICE CUBE.
    On the song ''FUCK WIT DRE DAY' DR. DRE and SNOOP DOGGY DOGG dissed EAZY-E, EAZY-E fired back with the song ''REAL MUTHAPHUCKIN G's'' from the 1993 ep 'IT's ON (DR. DRE) 187um KILLA'.
    This beef continued 'til 1995 when EAZY-E was diagnosed with aids.
    On march of 1995 DR. DRE visited EAZY-E in the hospital but EAZY-E was unconsious and he died a few days later on march 26 of 1995 (rest in peace).
    On the second DR. DRE's album 'DR. DRE 2001' released in 1999 DR. DRE dedicated the song ''WHAT's THE DIFFERENCE'' on EAZY-E.
    In 2000 DR. DRE, ICE CUBE, MC REN and DJ-YELLA said the'd make an N.W.A reunion album named 'NOT THESE NIGGAZ AGAIN' with SNOOP DOGG replacing EAZY-E but this project never came to life... but they recorded one song together as N.W.A named ''CHIN CHECK'' and it was released on the soundtrack of ICE CUBE's movie 'THE NEXT FRIDAY' in 1999.