Murad Song3 SuperStar5 Prime10

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Murad Song3 SuperStar5 Prime10

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Par dondo111 il y a 6 ans
OK radara08!
Par Atlasdreams il y a 6 ans
Atlasdreams, can you please post Superstar Extra tomorrow, I really would like to watch it and see what these people decide to show tomorrow. Also, you need to know that from this point on I boycott this program ..I started to spread the word and maybe you should all do the same, this is MASKHARA.. Shame on them, not only a biased jury and biased control, and hiding important information and messing with votes. They are treating us, viewers, as idiots and unfortunately very good talents got in the way, 3ayb.Good luck Murad, Excellent voice and I am sure he will make it without their help, I hope that he won't sign a contract with them.
Par radara08 il y a 6 ans
votez pr murad yestahéééééééél
Par hayma2 il y a 6 ans
BTW, Thanks Altalasdreams for posting the three vids!
Par sous106 il y a 6 ans
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