Imam Hussain 3D Cartoon - Part 3

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by Hassan

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A 3D Animated Cartoon on the Tragedy of Karbala, the tragedy of the Master of Martyrs, the third Imam, and the fifth infallible, Imam Hussain ibn Ali (AS) and his family and children. The Imam who was martyred for Peace, Justice, Love, and Human Rights... ارض الطف - كارتون ثلاث ابعاد عن فاجعة كربلاء و مصيبة امام العدالة و الحرية سيد الشهداء الامام الحسين بن علي بن ابي طالب عليه السلام...كارتون جميل جدا


Do u know the meaning of YA LISARAT UL HUSSAIN (A.S) You can then easily know about Us ,We Warned U and We Warn U Again If We Want We Can remove all these things and remove u from this Universe but we are Waiting as Imam BaqytAllah (A.S) is Waiting , Dont Push Us, Never Use cartoon or animation or animated these Word With AhleBait (A.S) and dont promote these things anymore if u understand this, And i Like to tell u that Only Respect and Follow Aima(A.S) especially Imame Zamana (A.S), U did this all because u follow the fake Mujtahid and fake Ayotallah Not the Real and Only Ayatallah who are Aima (A.S), This is your final warning dont Push Us.
By yalisaratulhussain 6 years ago
You Cant do anything accept Block our ids and remove our comments You Cartoon lovers Wait We Will Remove your Head from your Body One Day YA LISARAT- UL- HUSSAIN A.S.Curse of Imame Zamana (A.S) on those people who made and are agree with (معاز الله ) Cartoons on karbala and on those who gave them Permission whoever they are Mujtahid or those who pretend to be Ayotallah there are No Ayotallah No HizbulAllah No WaliulAmer Momineen Except Aima A.S so Accept Aima A.S
By yalisaratulhussain 6 years ago