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    Jimmy Stewart Narrates 1954 Kids Car Traffic Safety Video

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    An incredible historic driving instruction film! Tomorrow's Drivers was made in Phoenix, Arizona, in the 1950s where driver's ed begins in kindergarten! Thanks to narration by superstar actor Jimmy Stewart, the film achieves an amazing quality of cuteness and goodness. As captured in the film, an inventive approach is taken at Garfield Elementary School, where teachers create a model world for their students to operate small child-sized pedal cars to aid them in learning to drive. This involves pricelessly cuddly footage of kid cops handing out tickets to the mini-roadsters in speeding cars, as well as any many other pint-sized functions. The teachers instill safe driving practices in their students in these model cities by playing on aspects of familiar games: as in playing house, the kids are shown the need for everyone to be responsible for each other’s safety and personal needs. In fact, almost every aspect of vehicle safety is broken down for these youngsters. Defensive driving safety tips are particularly encouraged. By placing small children in driver's ed classes, safety rules are taught from the ground up to ensure that Tomorrow’s Drivers will be learning safe driving techniques and responsible driving from the beginning.