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    50s Hot Rod Magazine/Hot Rod Nationals Car Show Documentary

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    Featuring footage and history from the hot rod era, Ingenuity In Action explains how to prepare for and enter a drag race or car show. The film focuses on the history of hot rods and hot rodding, as well as the dedicated gearheads who travel cross country for American hot rod events, car shows, and drag racing. Made popular during the 1950’s, American hot rods have become an important part of automobile history. Established hot rod personalities, like racecar driver Chuck Jones, appear in the film. The film also describes how as it became more popular, hot rodding became almost a cult: followers consider classic cars their idols. Vintage street rods and custom hot rods are everywhere in this film, which is a must for car enthusiasts and anyone interested in the drag racing history. Ingenuity In Action is a great mix of 1950's automobile history and white hot classic drag strip racing!