Tire & Driving Safety Film: The Chance You Take (1960’s)

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Chance You Take is a well produced 1960s promotional video from General Tire that harps on the dangers of poor quality automobile tires. According to the sinister sounding narrator, every year more than 1.5 million families are involved in a vehicle accident. While there are many factors to blame, no problem is greater than the tires. More than two tons of force is trying to pull apart the tires while a car breaks. Because of this, more thought should be given to one’s car. Even those that do not drive often or take long trips should take warning. Around 80% of all accidents happen within 10 miles of home. After painting this dark picture of automobile danger and showing off vintage cars, General Tire has a solution for all Americans! The General Tire Dual 90 is a much wider tire. It offers more stopping traction and seals punctures from nails or other obstacles while rolling. It also has twin treads, which make it the best control tire on the market. Chance You Take is a fun and effective movie. Though the risk factors of driving are sometimes cartoonishly exaggerated, the lessons on unsafe car safety features are still valid today. Bad tires are terribly unsafe. The film also features lots of classic cars and goofy fun with vehicle safety tips.