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    1960’s Car Crash & Automobile Accidents Prevention Film

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    This beautifully filmed and engaging 1960's driving safety film doesn’t pull any punches in exploring the ramifications car accidents can have on a family. Mr. Wayne, a man who previously preached to his family defensive driving tips, forgets one of his own rules and is killed along with his son in a car accident. The film moves towards campy melodrama as his ghost goes back to visit his bereaved family’s house, where his wife is selling his favorite old chair to an elderly couple. With the dead father narrating, the film illustrates the grief of his wife and daughter because of the tragic death in the family, especially when the little boy dies in the hospital of the wounds he sustained due to his father’s inaction. After the youngster dies, the ghost of his father asks him for absolution but is denied. And along the way, the film shows that the elderly couple that bought the chair were the same people who caused the accident! This film is powerful, and also contains some parts that seem incongruous to modern audiences, like the fact that in a film about defensive driving, no one wears seatbelts. But this defensive driving DVD accurately describes the risk factors of driving, as well as many safety driving topics. Bad car accidents are a horrific ordeal, and this film implores audiences to be safer on the road, if not to attend a defensive driving school.