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    1936 Chevy “Cinderella” Defensive Driving with ...

    This Chevrolet sponsored driving education video advocates keeping an “aerial” view of the road in mind at all times as the best way to drive defensively. Using the story of Cinderella, Chevrolet replaces the carriage and horses with a dependable and safe Chevy car (now a vintage Chevrolet). The focus of the film, however, is the constant watching of nearby cars in order to remain a safe distance away from them and avoid an accident and promote safe highway driving. At the beginning of the film, fighter planes are shown in tight formations (early aviation footage), and the narrator comments that drivers too must constantly be aware of how close other cars are, just like the pilots are always aware of the position of other planes. To illustrate this point, miniatures of roads, cars, and drivers are manipulated on a tabletop in order to give the audience the aerial view of many common dangerous situations, such as merging and changing lanes, that might lead to a bad car accident. Safe driving habits are important and this driving video discourages aggressive driving and all forms of unsafe driving.