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    1950’s Scare Film: Road Rage and Aggressive Driving Film

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    Borrowed Power is a typical driver’s education film meant to scare kids into being cautious and responsible drivers. Jerry Thomas, quarterback of his high school football team and all-around great guy (the classic 1950's perfect young man), turns into a different person when he gets behind the wheel of a car. He drives aggressively, speeds, and generally abuses the “borrowed power” of the car. When he and two friends get hauled into court on suspicion of a hit-and-run in their (now) vintage cars, Jerry gets a lesson in the responsibilities of safe driving from the judge. In a touching showing of loyalty, a parade of friends and family come in to testify about how Jerry is such a great guy. The judge comments to Jerry’s father that Jerry received enough training to be a good pedestrian and bicyclist, but that he needed some more guidance when it came to being a good driver and vehicle safety. Life lessons abound by the end of the film as Jerry begins to understand what a serious matter safe driving is. One of many educational videos to employ scare tactics, Borrowed Power effectively contrasts reckless driving with defensive driving, car safety, and safe driving habits.