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If the transition from 386 to 486 resonates loudly in your heart strings, then you have some idea of how far we’ve come the past fifteen years or so. Of course, the seemingly exponential acceleration of tech improvements presents a fair share of problems--problems that extend beyond your feelings of inadequacy that can’t be quelled until you get your hands on the next big thing. Electronic Waste, or E-Waste, is cause for serious environmental concern. Every time someone makes a device run faster, smoother, or more efficiently, a whole line of products becomes obsolete. We, however, hope that once that happens, those items won’t become environmental burdens.

From GOOD, with love, here’s a PSA explaining what you can do to help.


Hii. Thanks for sharing this :)
By jessica706 4 years ago
very good idea !!!
By Mumu 6 years ago