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    Ric Flair vs Hulk Hogan-WCW Heavyweight Title


    by TSteck160

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    James Bradley
    This was a solid match but it offered nothing new from Hogan or Flair, in part because of the time constraints but also because the purpose was to set up the big tag team match that would headling the Clash Of Champions TV Special two weeks later (Flair & Giant aka Big Show vs Hogan/Savage). Flair would trade the belt with Savage briefly in Feb to spike ratings for the new live Nitro show and also the big SuperBrawl Pay Per Event that month and effectively ride Flair & then Giant as the World Champions who would carry the company through the start of the Monday Night TV Wars with WWE and into the summer of 96.
    By James Bradley3 years ago
    phillip sanders
    hogan wants to win the tile righ then why did he show the illigal object to get flair dqed cause u cant win the belt on dq
    By phillip sanders7 years ago