Joe Rogan Stand-Up: Idiots of the Past, Present and Future

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This is a hilarious clip from a 2006 Joe Rogan stand-up comedy show. Joe Rogan is mostly known from his days as the host of Fear Factor and his present work as a mixed-martial-arts commentator. Yet, Rogan is an outstanding stand-up comic as well. His comedy seems to take influence from the likes of Lenny Bruce and George Carlin where he often discusses serious if not philosophical issues in a sarcastic and populous tone. The clip here is a segment where Joe discusses his theory that dumb people are out-breeding smart people and also that this phenomena is nothing new to the annals of human history. It's a hilarious take on everything from ancient Egypt to aliens to post-apocalyptic society and the devolution and mankind.


Belle Video :-) :)) ,.....
By denbaronita denbaro 4 years ago
you guys rock anyone want to chat with a cutie like me^^? ^-^
By loveelybabi87 4 years ago
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By Jan_Shaw 5 years ago
I didn't realize this guy was that smart. I thought he was just a typical jock moron, but you can tell from his ideas that he's pretty intelligent.
By Alex Picard 5 years ago
God damn this guy's really good
By Ben Herriott 6 years ago