I am alive today (documentary, detourshenry.eu)

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A film by Vincent Detours & Dominique Henry

The history of AZT - the first anti-HIV drug - is about fighting fate: the fate of a deadly disease, and the fate of economic inequalities. It is a scientific, legal, and human adventure that drives the hope of patients, but also a huge financial activity. It is an adventure that sheds light on the origin of a tragedy of our time: 40 million HIV-positive persons cannot afford life-saving treatments.

"I am alive today" confronts the viewpoints of drug industry leaders, scientists, and AIDS activists on the history of AZT. This balanced account of historical facts is contrasted with archive images shot by AIDS patients over the development of the AIDS pandemics. These exceptional documents are loaded with the raw energy of young people in revolt against the idea that AIDS has to be a death sentence.

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