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    Fabien DELHOMEZ
    Never enought of this video Mephis, I really love it!
    Di Fabien DELHOMEZ8 anni fa
    スーパースペシャル ♥
    amazing vid 5!!! ^x^
    Fabien DELHOMEZ
    First of all, this music was the first thing that make me open a count on dailymotion to make a playlist with music and it was the first music in my playlist and comes from one of your vid! second, this coaster is great, awesome, built by B&M, seven inversions, open in 1999 at Universal Studios Islands of Adventure in Orlando California!
    1 zero g-roll 1 cobra roll (2inversions) 1 vertical loop 1 corckscrew 1 other vertical loop 1 other corckscrew!
    Thank you sooooooo much mephis for doin' this for me, your a great friend for me! Thank you so much bro'!
    Di Fabien DELHOMEZ8 anni fa
    azazel59 boubou
    15stars !!!!!!!! genial !!!!!!!!!
    Di azazel59 boubou8 anni fa