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    How to make it with Troy Management


    by BrooksGoldMine

    19 views Barry Brooks 512-261-8081 This BrooksGoldMine Tutorial Package Is Complete With the 'Web 2.0 Starter Training Kit' Available Anywhere Else Online! What To Do Before You Get Started How To Get Setup on MySpace How To Create A Powerful Compelling Story On Your MySpace Profile The One Thing You Should Add To Your Page To Give You Instant Credibility How To Optimize Your MySpace Page To Give You The Highest Response of Prospects Contacting You How To Promote Your Business on MySpace Where To Find Laser-Targeted Pre-Qualified Prospects With Money On MySpace How To Get Massive Exposure On MySpace In The Shortest Amount of Time all on auto-pilot The Biggest Mistake Most People Make When Promoting Their Page On MySpace... And How To Avoid It Most People Waste Their Time Connecting With All The Wrong People On MySpace Who Will Never Respond To Your Opportunity... Here's how to find the most super-responsive prospects in 5-minutes or less How To Communicate With Your Prospects On MySpace That Leaves Them Drooling and Begging You To Call Them Right Away The 2 little features most marketers overlook on MySpace... and how you can capitalize on it big time Increase your conversions by 400%? Here's the one 'trick' most online gurus will never tell you... because they don't even know about it How To Get Started Making Videos The quickest, fastest, easiest way to record your first video on a relaxing afternoon Time-tested and proven software that's dirt-cheap that will allow you to post up videos online your very first day What you must do to your videos in order to get it accepted and posted on the highest number of video sharing sites online Quick and easy ways to edit your videos, add titles, and make your videos stunningly breath-taking The 2 types of videos you can create that will get prospects hunting you down and chasing you for more information If you don't learn this skill right here, no one will ever find your videos 2 things you can do on your videos to ...