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    Early Release Clause -


    by firstamericantv

    Are you about to sign a lease for a new place? I have some important advice you can't miss coming up next Hey, this is Joseph Yomtoubian and you are watching, Your source for Real Estate and Mortgage News 24/7. If you are a renter you know how strong a rental agreement is and how difficult it is to get out of it. So when you have the rental agreement in front of you take an extra second and think if you realistically will be able to live in the same apartment for a few years. The solution is simple, include an early release clause, which states what happens if the tenant plans on breaking the lease. The consequences can be anything from 2 months' rent to forfeiting of the security deposit. This all may sound like a lot, but remember you are getting out of a legal binding contract. That's it for now….Thanks for watching I'm Joseph Yomtoubian. Check back soon for more tips and real estate news.