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    Fishy Apartment Rates -


    by firstamericantv

    Are you about to move into your new apartment? Don't miss these tips coming up next… Hey, this is Joseph Yomtoubian and you are watching, Your source for Real Estate and Mortgage News 24/7. Many people move into their apartments thinking they know how everything and get slammed with having to pay more than they agree to. When a building is full and landlords want more money, what can they do to make more money? They charge fees. Landlords are making new fees daily to make the tenants pay more, but a lot are not legal or justified. If something seems fishy or unjust, don't be afraid to ask the landlord why he is charging you. Make sure you know your tenant rights which are available online or at your local housing office. That's it for now….Thanks for watching I'm Joseph Yomtoubian. Check back soon for more tips and real estate news.