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    Background Screening -


    by firstamericantv

    Looking to rent an apartment but landlords keeps rejecting you? I have some tips that you need to watch out for coming up next. Hey, this is Joseph Yomtoubian and you are watching, Your source for Real Estate and Mortgage News 24/7. Landlords have found new tools to use at their disposable to help filter out potential tenants. For a small fee of 15-35$, background screening companies will screen applicants and tell landlords everything including criminal history, eviction history, and credit history. It is an easy way for them to find out everything they want to know about you without you knowing. The good news is that only big apartment complexes are the ones that check most often so apply to smaller apartment complexes and don't get discouraged, keep applying. That's it for now….Thanks for watching I'm Joseph Yomtoubian. Check back soon for more tips and real estate news.