B&B October 18th 2004

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Stephanie talks with Massimo. Massimo is crying out from the inside that he needs help, but no one can hear him. In the room, Deacon stands along side her. For every good sign that she thinks she sees from Massimo, Deacon tells her that it is just a reflex action that is causing it. The doorbell rings and when Deacon goes to answer it, he finds Ridge on the other side. Ridge and Stephanie exchange some small talk about Massimo and she prepares to leave, but not before she tells Massimo that she will be back soon to visit with him. Alone in the room now are Deacon and Massimo. Small talk is exchanged, but not much in the way of pleasantries. Deacon is called away by a phone call, leaving Ridge the opportunity to talk with his father alone. Ridge picks up the Marone ring that he once returned to his Dad, and tells Massimo that he was wrong in doing that. After he says that, he takes the ring and places it back on his finger, signifying that he again acknowledges Massimo as his birth Father. Massimo is touched by this, and his eyes blink for a second and he sheds a tear.

Thorne and Darla talk while having lunch. Thorne is feeling pretty good now that he is calling all the shots. He says that they need to come out with something that will completely set them apart from anyone in the fashion industry.

Thomas comes into Amber's office and sees her busy designing. He is proud of her and is convinced that she will do well. While they are talking, someone comes in to let Amber know that Stephanie Forrester is on her way up to see her. Amber starts to freak out, but Thomas settles her down and tells her that there is nothing to be concerned about. She wants him to leave so that she can handle the situation. Stephanie comes in and tells Amber that she still does not approve of the relationship, but she would like to mend some fences.

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