BOB & LISA (THE BELLRAYS) "You're Sorry Now"

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"You're Sorry Now"
Live At BT59
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"In case you didn't know Bob and myself have been playing music together for close to 20 years. We were friends that shared and interest in cooking and music (in that order.) We then married and in an attempt to stay married, we began playing music together. There is not much to say about musical backgrounds other than we both brought in where we come from, AM radio. That said we've gone on to start a couple of groups. One of which is the BellRays. One part of the BellRays that has always been there is our acoustic duo sensibility. Hailing from Riverside, most of our consistent duo work was in our home town. Aroma Cafe, See's Coffee and Back to the Grind were the main source of our audience base. For a long while we were more likely to play acoustic shows instead of electric BellRays shows. Anyone who remembers the 1990's will know why. Well once the BellRays started doing more electric shows the less time there was for the acoustic show. We are now so pleased that we have found away to nurture both and have embarked on our first tour as a duo as well as brought ourselves back to this very warm and vulnerable style. We hope you enjoy what we do here. We're just having fun and staying married! Play On! .."
Lisa Kekaula

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