Street Drums (ultimate groove !)

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Découvrez KILLERPILZE, le phénomène punk-rock allemand !

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thats becose money really matters, when it knoks in form of food. thats why hes so called "unreal and imperfect and hence incompitant", right.. ?
poor guy. wasted talents..
its not his problem if anybody cant understand pattern of his rhythm. its more an just awesome..
he might not be trilok grutu or sivamani or james asher .. but hes is pushing his best on what hes donig..
hope he might become somthing..
Par froodoo24 Il y a 4 ans
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Par aildiaei Il y a 4 ans
il taff chez Leroy Merlin
Par rvd62 Il y a 6 ans
helemaal te gek!
Par micha Il y a 6 ans
ouaa trop fort
Par Figueroa Martin Il y a 6 ans
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