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    Intego Personal Backup X5, backup solution for your Mac


    by IntegoVideo

    Intego Personal Backup X5 is a comprehensive backup solution for Mac OS X, protecting you from data loss by systematically making copies of your documents, applications, and system files.

    Intego Personal Backup X5 can back up your files to most media, including:
    Partitions on your hard drive
    External hard drives (USB, FireWire or SCSI)
    Removable media (such as USB key drives)
    Optical media (such as recordable CDs or DVDs)
    Network volumes
    AirPort disks (hard disks connected to Apples AirPort Extreme base station)
    An iDisk
    An iPod
    Disk images

    Intego Personal Backup X5 can also synchronize data between two computers (such as a desktop Mac and a MacBook or MacBook Pro), or create a bootable backup of your entire Mac OS X volume. And, of course, it restores files to your computer as easily as it backs them up.

    At its simplest, backing up files with Personal Backup X5 requires dragging and dropping a few folders and clicking the Backup button. For more-complex tasks, Personal Backup X5's advanced mode lets you create backup scripts that perform multiple actions, and can run on predetermined schedules.

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