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    Shopping cart Software: Making Use of the Search Function


    by masterlistbuilderus


    So, let's say your shopping cart software work out pretty well. And orders just keep coming for you like pancakes.

    Well Congratulations! But in case you want to search for an old order or new orders you need to accomplish.

    Should you look at your list one by one?
    It's just hard to browse over a file of orders and products when you are looking for a specific order.

    It's such a waste of time and a weakness for your internet marketing strategies.

    If you want to search for new and old orders, then go check it out!! Fear not for online shopping cart solution has made sure that you will not have any hard time here.

    You can always use the convenient search tool. Those merchant accounts can search by Order ID, Name, Company, Email, Credit Card #, State, from date, to date, unarchived order or archived orders.

    You can also search for just today orders, or last 7 days, or last 30 days. You can instantly find what you're looking for in our ecommerce software.

    Your online business optimization can surely be a blast.
    Impressive? There's more in store for you.

    Visit and know what more can you get when you have our shopping cart.

    It's the best among the shopping carts around.