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    Shopping Carts Ability To Browse New Orders


    by masterlistbuilderus


    The goodness of having those Shopping Carts is its ability to notify the merchant accounts on the newest feature it offers, newest transaction and of course newest product orders.

    It is an edge of the merchant to be notified for the newest product orders to instantly reply and have fast service.

    So how can you know if there are new orders with our great Shopping Cart Software?

    Simple!! As we like everything to be handy for you and enjoy online business opportunity, knowing the newest order is a breeze.

    You will receive new email message in your mailing box telling you from your online shopping cart solution telling you there’s a new order.

    With its subject title “new order notice” The message contains the name of the customer, company name, email, work add, fax, phone, order ID, order date, card type, status message (accepted, decline, offline, gateway error) and your public/contact information.

    See how easy it is?

    Our ecommerce software shopping cart will give you the best description on what is e-commerce true essence.

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