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    Is Miley Cyrus The Coolest Person Ever? Plus Eminem In ...


    by bswchannel

    1 099 views Last week the divorce battle between Christie Brinkley and peter Cook went to court, and it looks like the claws are coming out. Cook was accused of spending thousands of dollars on pornography, cheating on his wife with an 18 year old assistant, and being a bad dad. At one point, Christie reportedly broke down into tears as she told the courtroom her "world was completely shattered" when she learned of her husbands affair. I don't know about you, but I'm rooting for Team Brinkley to bring home the gold. Let the games begin! Just when everybody thought he had fell off the face of the earth, news surfaces that eminem is still alive, and yes, still antagonizing people. A man has recently filed a lawsuit against the rapper over a bathroom brawl that went down in a strip club. E! news reports that the altrication took place two years ago in Detroit. In news of the pointless, but somewhat interesting, 15 year old teen queen Miley Cyrus proves she's wise beyond her years. In a recent interview with People Magazine, the singer/actress said she would describe herself as the "coolest peson, ev-er." Was she joking? Was she serious? The world may never know, but one thing is for sure, "She's just being Miley."