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    Rafael Nadal Wins Wimbledon & A-Rod Cheating With ...


    by GetTheDaily

    611 views We start today with an update on President Bush’s decision to attend the upcoming Olympics opening ceremony. While some European leaders have opted to boycott next month’s event, Bush said Sunday that he did not need to miss the Beijing ceremony to show his opinion on religious freedom and human rights in China. Bush also stated that if he were to boycott the Olympics event, it would be more difficult to have talks with the Chinese government. Japan’s Prime Minister also said he would attend the opening ceremony. And Wimbledon came to a close Sunday evening. In the final game, the number-2-ranked Rafael Nadal won over the number-1 Roger Federer. 26-year-old Federer was going for a record 6th consecutive championship at the England club since the 1880s, until the 22-year-old Nadal took the victory which marked Spain’s first one since 1966. The match was sprinkled with about 2-hours of delays due to rain, and this 4-hour and 48-minute final game was the longest men’s final in Wimbledon history. According to several media outlets, Alex Rodriguez’s wife plans to file for divorce this week. The reports state that Cynthia Rodriquez wants to separate from the New York Yankees player due to extramarital affairs. This latest divorce news comes days after A-Rod was rumored to have been linked to Madonna as well as the alleged connection between C-Rod and Lenny Kravitz.