Ultra Kawaii - Cruisin' Pooches - Dogs in Cars!


by ultrakawaii

Stick your head out the window, let your ears flap in the wind, and join us for an episode of dogs rolling down the highway! Today is all about dogs riding in cars! Thanks to all the cute puppies and funny cat in this episode: bree69nastything, Deweyyy11, lillala87, DesignerDogBreeds, KelsHoney, Fetha, artluvEr, AH1OZ, SuperDrug, susanjaffe, Rordoggz1, siriusattheglen, peewee123, sharatkumar518, icedbamboo, yeahiknow526, ice2kool, Mark12211, ewonyc, Puppyzluv77, wilsonthedog, sdgirlie29