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    Paul & John Villarreal discuss The Mitchell Report, Part III

    Paul F. Villarreal

    by Paul F. Villarreal

    Paul "Rokski" Villarreal & John D. Villarreal, Esq. discuss the impact of The Mitchell Report on Major League Baseball and in all of professional athletics.

    Paul and John got their start in sports media over a decade ago. In addition, John is a world-class powerlifter, and has trained and trained with dozens of other world-class athletes, including a number of MLB and NFL players.

    More videos in this series will follow, as the footage gets edited.

    Paul & John run the sports website (currently a forum, with more types of content to come soon) The site is making it's debut, and we want to hear from YOU what YOU think about The Mitchell Report, as well as the rest of your favorite sports. There are also forums for general discussion, hot rides, etc. Check it out, and let YOUR voice be heard on the hottest new sports website on the internet:

    John has been competing in powerlifting for over 20 years. During that time, he has won multiple State & National Championships and placed 3rd at World's.

    But here's the kicker -- he did it all DRUG FREE!

    That's right -- elite athletics, all natural. As we discuss in this video series, with increasing scrutiny being placed on those athletes who take illegal performance enhancing drugs, the question then becomes: "How can I get to and maintain elite athletic conditioning and not risk going outside the law or hurting my body?"

    We've got an answer for you. John decided to put his unparalleled level of training and nutritional knowledge to good use and has just begun his own line of top-flight nutritional supplements.

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