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Ending the 'War on Terror' !!!

9 years ago212 views

Within this video, I am attempting to prove how President George W. Bush’s ‘War on Terror’ is a dismal failure… and how it is only increasing the Threat of Terrorism throughout the world.

The video includes information about the latest Security Threats (as at the date of the video) in relation to Iraq and Afghanistan… and proves beyond doubt that a serious problem continues to exist in those countries.

The Invasions of Afghanistan (2001) and Iraq (2003) by Coalition Forces has contributed to hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians suffering violent deaths… and that number in all likelihood will continue to increase until such time that we can learn to resolve our differences through means other than bloodshed !

Violence begets Violence… and we can never expect to defeat Terrorism, by ourselves becoming Terrorists !

As individual human beings, it is only natural that we are going to have our differences of opinion… and our survival is dependent on our ability to learn to resolve those differences in a manner which does not contribute toward the destruction of our planet !!!

What our generation does, can have a dramatic effect on the future of our children, and it is important that we do not do anything that robs them of their future.

We have the ability through the existence of thousands of Nuclear Weapons, to be able to destroy our planet. What we need, is the intelligence ‘to destroy those weapons’ and to secure for our children, a future they can be proud of !!!