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    Japanese Basic I - 01 - I'm Yan

    Martin Ewan

    by Martin Ewan

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    It's nice, you can go ahead please
    By kaygee19768 years ago
    Hai, you have de 52 videos ??? Please post all of them or send a links or anyway...o/

    Cuz I'm going to Japan in October and I need learn some more, I saw 29 on youtube only, please help me, arigatou, janne!
    By akuibor8 years ago
    Mai Hagiwara
    That is very helpful. Kore wa ii totemo desu!
    By Mai Hagiwara9 years ago
    I saw the first two lessons on youtube but the person's videos got canceled. So if you can...upload some more onegaishimasu!!! Domo arigatou gozaimasu! :)
    By gorbyworby9 years ago
    Leonel Arias
    I am translating the lessons to Spanish:
    By Leonel Arias9 years ago
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