Wheatsheaf horror part 1

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A CHILLING story which has haunted a village pub for more than a century has been engrossing millions of viewers across the Atlantic.
More than 20 million people tuned in to see the Wheatsheaf Hotel featured on the Discovery Channel as part of a groundbreaking series looking at the ghostly goings-on in buildings across the world.
Now the programme, A Haunting: The Wheatsheaf Horror, is set to be shown to a British audience later this year on the satellite and cable channel.
The story was inspired by psychic Suzanne Hadwin, who conducted a series of paranormal investigations into the century-old murder mystery.
It was claimed Ms Hadwin heard the voice of a six-year-old girl called Jessica Ann Hargreaves, who was murdered in 1908 by Joseph Lawrence at what is now the pub.
The Wheatsheaf Hotel was voted the most haunted pub in Britain three years ago, and parts of the building are thought to date back to the early 1800s.
Both staff and customers had long suspected that the pub had been haunted.
Les Johnson, from the pub, in St Nicholas Road, said: "Certainly there's something about the place and strange things have gone on in the past.
"I've heard creaking and banging in the middle of the night, but just put it down to the water pipes.
"Suzanne came here a couple of years ago for a charity do and she just felt this presence.
"I don't believe in things like that, but some of the things that have happened Suzanne couldn't have known about."
After hearing the story, a film crew from Canada travelled to the pub to conduct their own research.By CHRIS ROBINSON

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UPDATE: hq version is at this page http://abrev.es/3ehi
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The full version is on this page tinyurl.com/obvyqef
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i like this version .. anyone want to chat with a cutie like me^^? :))
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