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Urban City Car Drive 3D - Android Gameplay HD

il y a 11 mois0 views

Ultimate 3D car parking game!\r
The most challenging parking game in the world is finally here, with over a hundred parking puzzles / levels, set in four unique 3D environments. This amazing car parking driving simulator game is full of awesome features, which are not seen before in any game in this genre. Forget about the driving school. You will ually learn to park you car on the spot correctly in Urban City Car Drive 3D. You will learn how to drive awesome and different cars around a parking lot filled with obstacles, other cars, tight corners and hard turns.\r
Skills are required, precision drivers will be challenged!\r
Indeed, this 3D driving game requires skills and patience. Check your steering, switch gears and put the car in natural after park on the perfect parking spot. Avoid crashing into the many objects on your road, avoid scratching and smashing into anything, because if you do you need to start over again. Challenge not only yourself but also your friends to beat you, compare the scores in the leaderboards and become the king of the parking lot. Its all about speed and accuracy, collect the stars in the levels to get a higher score. If you crash into an obstacle there is an option to rewind the time so you dont have to play the entire level again. How awesome is that!?\r
Enter the garage and customize your car!\r
Yeah, theres nothing wrong with your eyes. You can ually customize your car the way you like it. Choose one of the 10 unique cars, buy colors, tinted windows, awesome decals and even change the license plate! Give your car its own look and feel with these awesome tuning options because everyone wants a car that defines themselves (or at least some of us do). Dive into the wide selection of car modification options and improve your cars just the way you like it!\r
A unique car parking experience with some unique features: \r
- 10 realistic and awesome cars to choose out\r
- 4 unique areas with 25 parking challenges each!\r
- High scores and achievements\r
- Collect stars to get a higher score\r
- Modify your cars in your own style (paint, decals, wheels, rims and window tint)\r
- More cars and more parking levels will be released in the near future\r
- Skip levels if they are to hard\r
- If you crash, jump back into time and try again with the time rewind option\r
- Unlock all achievements\r
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Urban City Car Drive 3D - Android Gameplay HD
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