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    Week 4 Spicy Green Jalapenos vs Godsend


    by drvess

    Beelzebub - “I think GS is being underrated now, while they lost a lot of skill in legacy/allust, they've tightened up in response. Still have some good players in desp and seth, and guys like yumy and gambler are very active. SGJ has two good players in egg and atila but beyond that it gets a bit iffy. Close match but I think GS will prevail, more solid/good vet players and they're all active enough.”

    Allustrious - “I would be surprised if SGJ lost this match with atila being back and egg leading the show. This is a squad that will get better every week, and they have the depth to mix and match on the fly to fit the needs. Godsend is still a tough squad, and I think people are underestimating them a bit. While n0ferz and w0rtez aren't complete replacements for who they lost last season, they still have great leadership on the field from veteran players like Seth, yumy, Darter and Desperado. SGJ in 3.”