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Manufacturing Dissent 2-2

il y a 10 ans588 views



Noam Chomsky is a profound thinker and is best known for his 'radical' political thought...That is, that power should reside in the people, not in corporations or the hands of the few. He is a relentless critic of the U.S. government and has a voluminous knowledge of America's wrongdoings around the world and heedlessness for human life.

All the more surprising, then, that he is so vehemently opposed to a grassroots political movement that is energizing the people behind the search for answers to the most important political event of our time: 9/11. Chomsky refuses to countenance that there could be any reasonable grounds for further investigation. Al-Qaeda is to blame.

This may puzzle some Chomsky acolytes, but not if they understand that Chomsky is in fact here to manufacture dissent; that is, constrain the public discourse and provide people with ineffectual ways of protesting against the encroaching police state. He will never direct his followers to look into the real centers of political power in America (the Bilderberg Group, the CFR, the Trilateral Commission, etc.) but instead have them chase some nameless, faceless "corporate greed." Chomsky is a gatekeeper.

For the video of Chomsky being questioned on 9/11 Truth, please follow this link:


For more information about 9/11 and other defining issues of our time, please visit:


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Manufacturing Dissent 2-2
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