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    Barry Bonds Asterisk Ball Goes To The Hall Of Fame - ...


    by GetTheDaily

    180 views The baseball that Barry Bonds hit last year to set the record 756th home run got sent to the Hall of Fame Tuesday night. The owner of the ball, designer Marc Ecko, donated it to the New York facility. Ecko paid over 750-thousand-dollars for ball in an online auction in September 2007. He then conducted an online poll asking fans to determine what to do with the souvenir. Fans decided to put an asterisk on the ball because of the steroid allegations around Bonds. Bonds previously said that he would boycott the Hall of Fame if it displays the ball with an asterisk. The governor of Missouri signed a new bill to outlaw cyber-bullying. This latest bill updates current state laws prohibiting written or phone harassment. The change in law was prompted after a 13-year-old local girl committed suicide about 2-years ago due to online harassment. The girl hanged herself after a classmate’s mother allegedly pretended to be a young boy on MySpace who befriended her and then said he no longer wanted to be friends. This online harassment case has also made way for the introduction of a bill that would result in federal penalties for cyber-bullying in the state of Missouri.