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    Invitations With Unique Materials


    by nuptialstv

    179 views We've been looking at hot trends in wedding invitations, and one of the hottest and most personal things you can do is to use a unique material to print your wedding invite on. Why stick with traditional card stock when you can try to imprint your invites on wood, engrave your wedding info on acrylic, or even print out the invite over photos of you and your groom to be. And it doesn't have to stop with the invite material either... other unique materials that you include in the invitation packages can really communicate who you are as a couple as well. Instead of ribbon binding your materials together, use shoelaces if you are an athletic couple, leather bindings if you met at a biker bar, or guitar strings if you are a music loving couple. And if you are an environmentally conscious couple, print your invites on recycled materials that will save trees from being chopped down in the name of your wedding. Be careful when choosing a unique material for your invitation packages though, as the cost can add up. One great suggestion to keep the cost down while still printing on unique materials is to print your resply cards and maps on standard paper or card stock while saving...........