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    Captain America #39


    by shazap

    67 views Wow this book is so good and so relevant. Ed Brubaker has a very unique way of intertwining social commentary into his story without getting preachy. Bucky has been battling constantly to live up to the legacy of Steve Rodgers and now has to face off against his clove who has been twisted into believing that he is the real captain America. OK amazing fight scenes aside this is a great way of continuing this struggle. Bucky now has the chance to prove that he is worthy of the mantle and he’ll get to earn it in battle like all good soldiers should. Sharon has some really interesting stuff going on as well especially with carrying Steve’s baby. I hope for her sake this latest escape attempt actually works. I also need to take the opportunity to give some much needed praise to the artwork of Rob De La Torre. It is powerful and unique. It has a very expressive style without being over the top. It is almost an artistic depiction of reality. It is great and really adds dimension to this great book.