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Tom Petersen
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I grew up believing that you should ‘Respect Authority’. However, I now have the attitude where ‘I respect where respect is due’ !

Men and women of the Military, who participate in the slaughter or harm of innocent civilians, are not worthy of my respect. It matters not to me, that they may have been Ordered to perform such action.

I have the utmost respect for Military Personnel who refuse to serve in Iraq… and I fully support their Right to Disobey any Orders that suggest they have to go there. The ‘Invasion of Iraq’ in itself was ‘illegal’… and as such, Orders for Personnel to go to Iraq, are ‘unlawful’.

An Order that leads to the intentional killing of innocent people is ‘Unlawful’… and it is not a defense for Military Personnel to say that “They were only following Orders” !

To the Military Personnel who serve in Iraq… I implore you… Do not destroy your credibility by taking any action that contributes to the killing or harm of innocent civilians. If you can avoid going to Iraq… Please do so. It is my belief that the situation in Iraq is going to deteriorate dramatically… particularly if neighbouring Iran is targeted by either Israel or the United States. I believe that as a consequence, the Military Personnel serving in Iraq will become prime targets for revenge !

To the People of the United States… I implore you… Make sure that the brave young men and women of the Military know whether or not it is your wish for them to serve in Iraq. They will proudly ‘lay their lives on the line in Iraq’ if that is what they believe you wish for them to do ! If you believe what is happening in Iraq is wrong… and you do not want the Troops to go there… TELL THEM !!!

(To the People of Iraq… My heartfelt sympathy is extended to you. On behalf of a ‘shameful generation’… I wish to say, “I am Sorry” !!!)

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