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    Aw Chute! Aero-TV Visits Para-Phernalia

    Aero-TV Network

    by Aero-TV Network

    What A (Great) Let-Down! Parachutes... with luck, you'll never need one, but if you do, we hope you'll have one. They're kinda like insurance... you pay a bit for the comfort of knowing that you'll probably never need it. For those of us, who have resorted to a chute in an emergency, though, we believe and know that this is a subject that deserves some education and attention... hence the reason we spent a little time with Dan Tarasievich's crew at Para-Phernalia parachutes last year. Dan and his folks ran us through an "A to Z" primer on emergency parachute, use, selection and care--which we are now pleased to present to you. Para-Phernalia, Inc., of Arlington, WA, designed and manufactures the highly regarded SOFTIE line of pilot emergency parachutes -- a business that they've undertaken since 1979. Their emergency parachutes are known world wide for their quality, comfort, and reliability... which ANN's Editor-In-Chief, Jim Campbell, can attest to, personally. This is also the chute series used by our good friend Sean Tucker to save his life after a control malfunction imperiled his life during an aerobatic practice session a couple of years ago. There are seven different SOFTIE models which make up the SOFTIE product line. Each can be customized to suit a pilot/passenger's individual needs. Whether one flies powered aerobatics, gliders, warbirds, or any other type of aircraft, Dan's team has an emergency parachute system designed for your application. Dan tells ANN that, "Emergency parachute systems may seem like expensive cushions that we carry needlessly on our back or sit on uncomfortably. That cushion, however, is a highly specialized life saving device and is vitally important to your air safety. Get to know your parachute system and soon you will realize what an ally that cushion can be and why you should never leave the ground without it." We couldn't agree more.... Join Aero-TV As We Leap Into A Fascinating Profile On Para-Phernalia Parachutes! FMI: ...